Thursday, June 7, 2012

June 8th, the day my friend was born.   A Gemini she is, belly laugh funny, blonde, blue eyed and petite and she is one of my closest friends...she is like my twin.

And I have never even met her.

That's right, we have never met in person.  This is the story of an extraordinary friendship born out of chance or fate or whatever you want to call it.  And it began with a purchase I made from her etsy shop, and a curiosity she had to see who her latest new customer was by visiting my etsy shop.

The email that transpired written by this incredible woman, changed my life.  It was probably the nicest letter I have ever received from anyone.  A perfect stranger, who took the time to write paragraphs about my art, my website my creativity.  And so the dialogue began, and the emails back and forth, and the realization that OMG we are so much alike, and we have so many things in common and our beliefs and morals are the same and we laugh at the same jokes and read the same books, and my friend says we truly must have been separated at birth and I wonder...maybe we were?  Except that my friend lives in Alabama, and I live in Michigan, and my friend is a teeny tiny bit  older than me but neither of us act our age anyway so who cares!

I talk to her more than any of my friends I have had for over 40 years...we talk daily through email and at least once a week on the phone.  She is a mentor, a supporter, a friend through and through and she is an inspiration to me.  It is she that constantly chides me for not increasing my prices on my etsy shop, it is she that sends me links to articles I need to read, or shares with me her latest finds.  She looks at my art and pins it and gives me rave reviews on Facebook.   We talk about anti-aging creams, makeup, tanning products, menopause,  what artist we love, who is doing what, how to get licensed, what should we do next...what on line class should we take.  We talk about her kids and my son, and our lives in the past and present and how much fun our friendship is and how much we value it.

We are going to meet.  It's on both of our bucket lists.  It's just a matter of time.

 She is a southern belle, who calls her Dad "Daddy" and her Mom "Mama" and who has that southern charm until of course you tick her off...which of course I never do, there is no way I could get mad at her although she has threatened me a few times usually over business, and she is a far more savvy business woman than I (as her shop will attest to!).

She is incredibly smart, creative, and her generosity is amazing.  She would help anyone who asked.  She is kind, compassionate, independent and an amazing friend.   It is almost like God put her in my path to give me the courage, and knowledge to pursue my art, for making it one day happen for me.

My friend is Beth Picard, owner and operator of GreatGraphics Design where she does amazing digital clipart and backgrounds, stop by her Facebook page and wish her a Happy Birthday, or take a moment to send one of your friends an email and let them know how important they are to you.

It is my friend's birthday.  I wish I was there with her to celebrate, but since I can't be there I am celebrating her with my readers, sharing the story of our incredible friendship.

Happy Birthday My Friend!

Have a FABULOUS Day!