Sunday, May 13, 2012

Today's is Mother's Day.
I wrote this blog about my Mom..hit the wrong key and it was gone...all my work gone with in a split second...which is not making my Mom's Day a very happy one...oh well.   Move on.

Because my Mom is so important to me I am going to take the time to try and recreate what I had wrote about her...

My Mom has taught me many things in life.  She has inspired me, she is responsible for my creativity.  Our home growing up was way ahead of its time, she had the design theme down even at a very young age.  What most of us strive to achieve later in life my Mom had it down to a science early on.   Our home was one out of a Metropolitan Home magazine, with our shag carpet and Henry Miller knock off couches, a fabulous rocking chair that is thankfully living it's life in my own living room, done in a bright turquoise color, super stylish.  The Henry Miller couches now redone, reside in my renovated basement.  Couches I love, couches I could never find today.  Her love of African art you can find in my home, with the animal prints, the masks, the animals themselves.  My small bathroom has a row of graphic design elephants trotting around the influence of my mother.

Her style carries over into her Fashion sense, she wears colors boldly, and her clothes are like wearable art.  Again an influence handed over to me.  I love colors, I love design, I love accessories...did I mention how much jewelry my Mom has...guess who also has a ton of it?  And wasn't it the two of us that took a metal jewelry class where my goofball mother nearly set me on fire with the blow torch in her hand.  And then we opted for something a little less dangerous...beading instead.  We made lots of jewelry to add to our own collection.  What do we buy each other for birthday's and

It was my Mom and sister who encouraged me to have a child out of wedlock.  It was the best decision I have ever made, and it was based on support I received from these two family members.  Support I needed to make a life changing decision.  I can't imagine not being a Mom, not having Max in my life, feeling his love for me and my intense love for my child.  Nothing else like it in the world.

I consider my  Mom my best friend.  It is her opinion I want.  It is she I dragged to IKEA with me to map out my kitchen, it is she that goes on shopping trips and art fairs, and psychic events.  It is she, that is the voice of reason when I am overwhelmed.  It is my mother telling me always how creative I am, how smart I am, what a good mother I am.  Isn't that the highest compliment you could get, to have your Mother tell you what a great Mother you are?

So today I celebrate my Mom, (although we celebrated together yesterday at IKEA) as she is off to Mac Island for a few days.  I think often we don't tell the ones we love most just how much they mean to us, so Mom, I know I do tell you quite often that I love you, but today I wanted to celebrate you, and all that you have taught me...things like ignore mean people, be independent, always defend your rights, always be grateful for what you have...well I certainly am grateful for you Mom.