Monday, January 19, 2009

I love etsy!

For most of you who probably read this blog you know I am an etsy seller and an etsy buyer, and I LOVE etsy.  I have made some friends through etsy two in particular I would like to tell you about.   I found out about etsy through one of my craft books and started poking around.  I found many cool artists and there are many but one in particular caught my eye, her store BlueChair studio.  Her name, Elizabeth Levi.  I bought a bookmark from her and commented on her art and then we started chatting and I told her I too was an artist.  She suggested that I open a shop.  I was very nervous about doing so, she persuaded me that I could do it, many words of encouragement and then finally I said Ok why not.  I opened my shop actually on January 4th of 2008 (but my shop ID was created December 21, 2007).  Elizabeth warned me it may take  a while to get a sale, she warned me not to be discouraged, and so I waited.  I didn't wait long because the second person I met on etsy was Farmgirl1818, a buyer, she was my very first customer.   She didn't just buy one thing, she bought several things, and gave me such wonderful feedback, it was such a proud happy moment for me and I couldn't have asked for a better customer.  These two women, both made me feel like a million bucks, and they were women I had just met?  Wonderful, crazy, funny gals that I immediately connected to.  Tonight I had a conversation with Farmgirl1818 who is also an artist, and I gave her the advice that Elizabeth gave me over a year ago.  Encouragement, support, and friendship.  I keep in touch with my etsy mentor (Elizabeth -who is a fantastic artist), and my friend/customer Farmgirl1818, they are two etsy friends I am happy to have.  I have met other wonderful people on etsy, but these two stand out because they didn't have to take any time to encourage me, or offer advice, but they did and they still do.  Farmgirl won't hesitate to let me know if one of my pictures doesn't look that good or to comment on how much she likes something new I put out there (thank you my friend), and Elizabeth and I still chat.  For those of you looking to post your art somewhere, I highly recommend etsy.   You may not get rich over night (or who knows you may)  but you'll become rich in friends, and when you do make that sale it is such an amazing feeling.  And that my friends is why I LOVE ETSY.  Thank you Elizabeth and Farmgirl1818!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Twilight and the fear of dying

Well, finally I have seen the movie with my neighbor/friend Lorrie.   After finishing the book she insisted I see the movie with her (I'm convinced she's addicted).  There were mixed reviews on the movie, but after reading the book I thought the movie followed along nicely and honestly even though I am "Old" as Lorrie keeps reminding me (and she won't be my friend much longer if she doesn't stop), I thought Edward was...beautiful, stunning, downright gorgeous..which I'm convinced is why Lorrie has seen the movie 3 times and will undoubtedly buy the DVD before it even arrives at the store.    You are still human even after you reach a certain age and I can see why the teens are crazy in love with Edward.  He's definitely worth seeing on the large screen. 

Ok so then there was the drive home.  Did I mention that Lorrie has a brick attached to her driving foot.  She gives "Lead Foot" a whole new meaning.  And I'm sure she wasn't trying to drive me to an early grave (no pun intended) but her the snow.  Someone (Eddie) please remind me not to get in the car with her during snowy, icy weather.  It's just that when I'm applying the brakes (because of brake lights ahead), she's pretty much just thinking about it, while my foot has already gone through the floor board using my imaginary brake.  Of course, I try to remain calm as I say "Ok Lorrie now would be the time for you to apply the brake" and she just giggles and says "I have it under control" as we slip and slide on the highway.  Hmmmmm fortunately she noticed the accidents that were one after another on both sides of the freeway and she started to slow her pace, but I have to be honest with you, I could not WAIT to get home.    Maybe it is because I wish to see my next birthday  (although Lorrie is not anxious to experience her next one which happens to be a milestone) that I have this fear of  driving with people who have no fear of driving, maybe it's because I have been in an accident on icy conditions that totaled my father's car (I was young when it happened),  maybe I  was never one that enjoyed speeding.  But as I do get older,  I do have more caution for one reason and one reason only.  Max.  The thought of not being around for Max, and having Gary raise him...yeah that REALLY SCARES ME ;o)

Not to say that Lorrie isn't a good driver, because she did have control of the car and had no panic at all when we started slip sliding.  She calmly righted the car and assured me everything was ok, and everything was ok.    It was even more OK when I got of the car and said "See you later, thanks!"

I have to say the cold, snow, and the driving in it, well I have had enough.  I'm looking forward to spring, although I'm afraid it's a long way off.  

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday again...

It's Sunday again, I did my usual grocery shopping (yuck) and am in my office posting a new picture to my website.  Today on the way to the store I saw the snow on the trees and thought, I love winter when it presents a day like today.  It's beautiful, the sun was out, there was no wind, the snow was untouched in many areas.  If winter could be like this all the time, I would really appreciate it much more than I do.  

I have been creating art dolls and plant sticks this weekend.  They are fun and kinda crazy as my friend commented.    I had an order for two bracelets and created two art dolls and put the bracelets around there necks.  This way I can market my art dolls and my jewelry although the dolls I threw in for free since my customer did not ask for them.  But her teens will love them I'm sure and they can be used as jewelry holders!

Can you tell I like to diversify.  Ok it's back to work for me, more creating today while Max is next door with his buddy Griffin.

Monday, January 5, 2009


Ok so this blog site is kinda like having a journal only it's easier because you get to type instead of write which is great if you can type fast and fortunately after many years of being a computer geek I can.  So my friend told me about this blog spot because she has been secretly blogging to herself about her pregnancy.  You see when she first told me she wanted to get pregnant she also shared that it may be difficult for her, medical reasons.  So I handed her over my fertility doll (which I may add has been successful in several other pregnancy attempts including my own).  When she and her husband found out they were expecting she said I was one of the few who would know because ha, I had helped with the fertility doll.  Sadly though, she lost the baby, and it broke her heart and mine.  I have had a few friends go through this and the sadness is overwhelming.  There is nothing as a friend, you can say or do to take it away, you just have to be there to listen and cry with them and keep them in your prayers.  I knew she would get pregnant again, I just knew it, but I also knew it would be kept a secret until she had made it through the safe point.  So she told me she is expecting and sent me over to her blog which was so awesome.  Her friends and family can share all her expecting moments.  How cool is that?  Wish I had been blogging back in my pregnany days boy I would have had a lot to say.
So C thanks for the blog info, even if I am the only one reading what I write, it's fun and a good outlet.

Tonight began a little rough.  Ok we are back on schedule and my son comes home with this sassy little mouth and I think to myself...geez one day he's back at school and he comes home full of piss and vinegar..(an old old term).  So I look at him and tell him keep it up mister and you will be spending time alone in your room.  Actually it's usually me spending time alone in the bathroom because I can never get him into his room (he's a big solid boy), and so I do as my mother had done, lock myself away while he cries outside the door and begs me to come out.  But not tonight, I sent him to his room and he knew by the big stink eye I was giving him that he better not mess around.  So I gave him a five minute time out and then I pulled a good one on him.  I told him if he didn't show me some respect I would be contacting Mrs. Franklin (his teacher) and telling her that I don't care how many pesos he has earned he will not be allowed to go to the swim party.  His mouth dropped open, his eyes huge, "No Mama please don't tell Mrs. Franklin" and in that moment I thought "AHA, I have it, his weak spot".  Trust me I will be pulling the Mrs. Franklin card on a regular basis.  He's obviously concerned by what she thinks, the threat of an email to her will get him right back in line.  Mission accomplished.

You have to do what works.  This I am learning.

Tonight on my quest for fitness I attempted the jump rope and nearly brought on cardiac arrest.  Granted I tend to over do things a bit and jumped 100 times (no not consecutively) but pretty close to non stop, a few breaths here and there and wow, I'm amazed I remembered how to.  I do remember someone telling me that it is a really good calorie burner and hey I believe it because I was doing that thing I hate doing...sweating.  Hopefully I'll be able to walk tomorrow.  

I did read at lunch today and will be reading shortly.  I have to get that book done, my neighbor is waiting on me to go see that movie...what is this her third time. or fourth?  Not sure.  She's also re-reading the book and will probably beat me.    It is starting to move along quicker though.

What is this, my legs are tightening already?  Oh oh the jump rope workout is kicking in.  I'll be in trouble tomorrow.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

I've been told, I need to have a blog and so today I begin.  It's one more thing on my to do list that I really don't have time for especially since I have a few New Year's resolutions to contend with.  However, I will just have to make time.  

So I'm quite happy the holidays are over, not that I'm a scrooge, it's just this time of year is a little stressful on my son who tells me he's not afraid of Santa, but yet as we sit in the Red Robin restaurant last night he's nervously looking around for the Red Robin costume to come sauntering in so that he can take a nose dive under the table.    Santa he likes, it's just the idea of Santa coming into our house that he's not so fond of.  And so the nightmares start weeks before Santa arrives, and the stress begins.  Not to mention that taking your child off his schedule for two weeks, having him stay up late, eat unhealthy amounts of sugar and play most of the day, well that is just asking for trouble.  But we survived it, although a trip somewhere warm next year around Christmas is starting to look really appealing.  

This year I have decided that I am going to get fit.  I'm going to force myself to do Wii Fit on a regular basis.  I'm going to purchase boot camp soon and get working on that, and I'm going to lose some of the holiday pounds that have been on since the previous holiday.  I just want to be back to my pre-pregancy weight, is that so much to ask? But now that I'm older (having a child after 40 doesn't help), I find that the old metabolism isn't quite what it used to be, and yet the sweet tooth has never been in better shape.  Hmmm.  My biggest vice Coca Cola, if I could just swear that off (and I only have one a day) I'm sure the extra five pounds I'm trying to be rid of would fall right off....but can't we have at least one vice?  Do I have to give up my favorite soft drink?  Well it may end up coming to that.  Plus I hear they are thinking of putting a tax on it that may make me curb my habit.   

My other list of things to do is read more.  I love reading.  Reading takes you away.  At the encouragement of my neighbor and good friend Lorrie, I have started the Twilight book.  I'm not quite as into it as she is, but it is keeping my interest.  I had always vowed that since I have so little time to read I would not read anything that was slow, if it was slow, I wasn't going to pick it up.  My mom would say "well it starts out kinda slow but it ends up really good".  Nope, no thanks can't do it Mom, my reading time has to be spent cuddled up with a fast moving page turner.  Granted Twilight may be this for the teens out there but for me not so much.  Lorrie has already assured me that she has the next book waiting for me...but before I tackle that one, I think I'll start my favorite author's newest Myron Bolitar book (Harlen Coben).  Since I know it will be a page turner and I'll get a few chuckles along the way.  What could be better?

So instead of scouring etsy at lunch, I'm going to read.  Instead of knitting at lunch, I'm going to read. Instead of going out to eat so much, I'm going to pack my lunch and READ! I have a goal to read at least two books a month.  Because reading is enjoyable, and reading and having my son see my love for reading, can only be good for him as well.  Fortunately, he loves when I read to him.  I can't wait for him to learn, so he can devour a good book.  I only pray he takes after me on this book thing and not his father who only reads football stats!

So those are the two main ones.  I also plan on being a better cook.  Max is only five  so his appetite for my cooking leaves a lot to be desired.  But I have been making some really good meals lately and I received Martha Stewart's Cooking School cook book (thanks Mom!) which is awesome.  

Lots to do, not a lot of time.  Because I also need to spend time with my son, and spend time doing my art.  Which if you haven't been there, check out my web site.

So what are your New Year's resolutions and should we make them a challenge so that we don't fall off the New Year's Resolution Wagon?