Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday again...

It's Sunday again, I did my usual grocery shopping (yuck) and am in my office posting a new picture to my website.  Today on the way to the store I saw the snow on the trees and thought, I love winter when it presents a day like today.  It's beautiful, the sun was out, there was no wind, the snow was untouched in many areas.  If winter could be like this all the time, I would really appreciate it much more than I do.  

I have been creating art dolls and plant sticks this weekend.  They are fun and kinda crazy as my friend commented.    I had an order for two bracelets and created two art dolls and put the bracelets around there necks.  This way I can market my art dolls and my jewelry although the dolls I threw in for free since my customer did not ask for them.  But her teens will love them I'm sure and they can be used as jewelry holders!

Can you tell I like to diversify.  Ok it's back to work for me, more creating today while Max is next door with his buddy Griffin.

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