Monday, January 19, 2009

I love etsy!

For most of you who probably read this blog you know I am an etsy seller and an etsy buyer, and I LOVE etsy.  I have made some friends through etsy two in particular I would like to tell you about.   I found out about etsy through one of my craft books and started poking around.  I found many cool artists and there are many but one in particular caught my eye, her store BlueChair studio.  Her name, Elizabeth Levi.  I bought a bookmark from her and commented on her art and then we started chatting and I told her I too was an artist.  She suggested that I open a shop.  I was very nervous about doing so, she persuaded me that I could do it, many words of encouragement and then finally I said Ok why not.  I opened my shop actually on January 4th of 2008 (but my shop ID was created December 21, 2007).  Elizabeth warned me it may take  a while to get a sale, she warned me not to be discouraged, and so I waited.  I didn't wait long because the second person I met on etsy was Farmgirl1818, a buyer, she was my very first customer.   She didn't just buy one thing, she bought several things, and gave me such wonderful feedback, it was such a proud happy moment for me and I couldn't have asked for a better customer.  These two women, both made me feel like a million bucks, and they were women I had just met?  Wonderful, crazy, funny gals that I immediately connected to.  Tonight I had a conversation with Farmgirl1818 who is also an artist, and I gave her the advice that Elizabeth gave me over a year ago.  Encouragement, support, and friendship.  I keep in touch with my etsy mentor (Elizabeth -who is a fantastic artist), and my friend/customer Farmgirl1818, they are two etsy friends I am happy to have.  I have met other wonderful people on etsy, but these two stand out because they didn't have to take any time to encourage me, or offer advice, but they did and they still do.  Farmgirl won't hesitate to let me know if one of my pictures doesn't look that good or to comment on how much she likes something new I put out there (thank you my friend), and Elizabeth and I still chat.  For those of you looking to post your art somewhere, I highly recommend etsy.   You may not get rich over night (or who knows you may)  but you'll become rich in friends, and when you do make that sale it is such an amazing feeling.  And that my friends is why I LOVE ETSY.  Thank you Elizabeth and Farmgirl1818!

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