Monday, January 5, 2009


Ok so this blog site is kinda like having a journal only it's easier because you get to type instead of write which is great if you can type fast and fortunately after many years of being a computer geek I can.  So my friend told me about this blog spot because she has been secretly blogging to herself about her pregnancy.  You see when she first told me she wanted to get pregnant she also shared that it may be difficult for her, medical reasons.  So I handed her over my fertility doll (which I may add has been successful in several other pregnancy attempts including my own).  When she and her husband found out they were expecting she said I was one of the few who would know because ha, I had helped with the fertility doll.  Sadly though, she lost the baby, and it broke her heart and mine.  I have had a few friends go through this and the sadness is overwhelming.  There is nothing as a friend, you can say or do to take it away, you just have to be there to listen and cry with them and keep them in your prayers.  I knew she would get pregnant again, I just knew it, but I also knew it would be kept a secret until she had made it through the safe point.  So she told me she is expecting and sent me over to her blog which was so awesome.  Her friends and family can share all her expecting moments.  How cool is that?  Wish I had been blogging back in my pregnany days boy I would have had a lot to say.
So C thanks for the blog info, even if I am the only one reading what I write, it's fun and a good outlet.

Tonight began a little rough.  Ok we are back on schedule and my son comes home with this sassy little mouth and I think to myself...geez one day he's back at school and he comes home full of piss and vinegar..(an old old term).  So I look at him and tell him keep it up mister and you will be spending time alone in your room.  Actually it's usually me spending time alone in the bathroom because I can never get him into his room (he's a big solid boy), and so I do as my mother had done, lock myself away while he cries outside the door and begs me to come out.  But not tonight, I sent him to his room and he knew by the big stink eye I was giving him that he better not mess around.  So I gave him a five minute time out and then I pulled a good one on him.  I told him if he didn't show me some respect I would be contacting Mrs. Franklin (his teacher) and telling her that I don't care how many pesos he has earned he will not be allowed to go to the swim party.  His mouth dropped open, his eyes huge, "No Mama please don't tell Mrs. Franklin" and in that moment I thought "AHA, I have it, his weak spot".  Trust me I will be pulling the Mrs. Franklin card on a regular basis.  He's obviously concerned by what she thinks, the threat of an email to her will get him right back in line.  Mission accomplished.

You have to do what works.  This I am learning.

Tonight on my quest for fitness I attempted the jump rope and nearly brought on cardiac arrest.  Granted I tend to over do things a bit and jumped 100 times (no not consecutively) but pretty close to non stop, a few breaths here and there and wow, I'm amazed I remembered how to.  I do remember someone telling me that it is a really good calorie burner and hey I believe it because I was doing that thing I hate doing...sweating.  Hopefully I'll be able to walk tomorrow.  

I did read at lunch today and will be reading shortly.  I have to get that book done, my neighbor is waiting on me to go see that movie...what is this her third time. or fourth?  Not sure.  She's also re-reading the book and will probably beat me.    It is starting to move along quicker though.

What is this, my legs are tightening already?  Oh oh the jump rope workout is kicking in.  I'll be in trouble tomorrow.

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