Saturday, January 17, 2009

Twilight and the fear of dying

Well, finally I have seen the movie with my neighbor/friend Lorrie.   After finishing the book she insisted I see the movie with her (I'm convinced she's addicted).  There were mixed reviews on the movie, but after reading the book I thought the movie followed along nicely and honestly even though I am "Old" as Lorrie keeps reminding me (and she won't be my friend much longer if she doesn't stop), I thought Edward was...beautiful, stunning, downright gorgeous..which I'm convinced is why Lorrie has seen the movie 3 times and will undoubtedly buy the DVD before it even arrives at the store.    You are still human even after you reach a certain age and I can see why the teens are crazy in love with Edward.  He's definitely worth seeing on the large screen. 

Ok so then there was the drive home.  Did I mention that Lorrie has a brick attached to her driving foot.  She gives "Lead Foot" a whole new meaning.  And I'm sure she wasn't trying to drive me to an early grave (no pun intended) but her the snow.  Someone (Eddie) please remind me not to get in the car with her during snowy, icy weather.  It's just that when I'm applying the brakes (because of brake lights ahead), she's pretty much just thinking about it, while my foot has already gone through the floor board using my imaginary brake.  Of course, I try to remain calm as I say "Ok Lorrie now would be the time for you to apply the brake" and she just giggles and says "I have it under control" as we slip and slide on the highway.  Hmmmmm fortunately she noticed the accidents that were one after another on both sides of the freeway and she started to slow her pace, but I have to be honest with you, I could not WAIT to get home.    Maybe it is because I wish to see my next birthday  (although Lorrie is not anxious to experience her next one which happens to be a milestone) that I have this fear of  driving with people who have no fear of driving, maybe it's because I have been in an accident on icy conditions that totaled my father's car (I was young when it happened),  maybe I  was never one that enjoyed speeding.  But as I do get older,  I do have more caution for one reason and one reason only.  Max.  The thought of not being around for Max, and having Gary raise him...yeah that REALLY SCARES ME ;o)

Not to say that Lorrie isn't a good driver, because she did have control of the car and had no panic at all when we started slip sliding.  She calmly righted the car and assured me everything was ok, and everything was ok.    It was even more OK when I got of the car and said "See you later, thanks!"

I have to say the cold, snow, and the driving in it, well I have had enough.  I'm looking forward to spring, although I'm afraid it's a long way off.  


  1. Umm...I would like you to know that at no time were you in any danger. But, I am glad you liked the movie, and yes, I am pre-ordering it!! Lor